This next and final domain [#6]

has the distinction of carrying the following poems/essays:






Besides these treasures, there is a special excerpt that has been inserted. The favorite of Dr. Wells’. Read it with your eyes closed and your heart
wide open. It does of course appear in one of the books, so you will have
to buy/read them all to find it.

Now in closing, I feel it only proper to remind you: – if for some reason
you entered this menagerie (6 domains) either at the middle or beyond,
you are advised to go back to the first domain

Black Science Fiction Soul Man.Com

then proceed. Otherwise, you are going to miss a lot of really good stuff –

The Book of Poems /Essays
contains a total of 111 pages, 9 introductory, and 102 pages of poems/essays.


At the moment, there are no plans to publish sequels to Peace Talks Blacks and Jews or I Jesus Christ. BUT there is definitely a plan to write several sequences to Black Science Fiction Soul and a high probability that there will be a follow-up Book of Poems/Essays. If you think that you would like to participate with a poem/essay of your own, keep in touch with these 6 domains because the submission period will be announced in them.

PSS: Bonus Section!!!

The 6th Domain concludes with a special offer

Art Show Exhibitions

The initial showing contains a copy of a painting purchased by Dr. Wells and is not for sale. All of the Shadow Boxes were assembled and designed by Dr. Wells, as are the portraits of Jesus. Sold items will be replaced by new offers. Some will carry familiar themes while others will be the first of their kind. If you are among the fortunate to eventually own one of these models, be wise. Don’t discard or sell them. The day may come when they may be worth big bucks!

While shadow boxes have been singled out as discussed above, they will not be the only artistic gifts offered for sale on this domain. Someone out there is going to contact me and ask permission to display (for sale) their aesthetic presentation. Which could be described variously as a fine art replica, or a decorative one; their photographic masterpiece, painting or sculpture; a textile design, a ceramic piece; something described as graphic, or a simple drawing. Who knows? Whatever it turns out to be, we will consider its inclusion, stamp it with a price tag, and of course, charge an administrative (reasonable) fee. Providing your email address and a description of your work will allow us to discuss your submission. Acceptance will not be automatic, but we will definitely try to give it a fair evaluation.